Looking for a Book Editor / Proofreader

Have a Perfect English and Looking for a Job that pays 18,000-25,000 Baht a month? STOP here!

We are looking for a Woman that can work as a Proofreader / Editor.

1.) Our office is at Ladprao71 so you should live somewhere near to this area or be comfortable coming here.
2.) Great at Reading and Writing in English. Listening and speaking have no use here. Your Grammar should also be perfect.
3.) Comfortable working in a Home Office and sitting next to your boss. The boss would not be at the office very often though.
4.) Not Lazy and Active. We are not that busy but we like when our staffs ask for something to do when have nothing to do.
5.) We require No Degree and Experience and we can accept Foreigners. Just be sure yourselves meet the requirements and we can talk. Definitely, having some experience in the field would be an advantage so feel free to show us all you’ve got.
6.) Good at using a computer, MS-Office and the Internet.
7.) Being able to Start Working immediately would be an advantage.

Something about us you may want to know
1. We are Not a company yet but we will have it started in 2020 or 2021 worst case.
2. We are working in a home office at Ladprao71.
3. We are good at what we are doing and we are quickly growing. Not being a company (yet), we would Pay More and take a Good Care of our staffs to cover any drawback.
4. We are starting a company so right now you may not have so many friends in the office. As the saying goes; Less people, Less drama, More Happiness.
5. Our office hours are 8.30AM-5.30PM (Lunch at 12.30PM-1.30PM), Monday - Friday.
6. We are very Nice and super Easy to work with. Please contact us if you are qualified. Our team would love to further discuss with you.

Please send your resume along with some information about your background to my email at: issara2580(a)hotmail.com and we will check further.

Thank you for your time. Hope we will have an opportunity to work together.


Ladprao 71
18,000-25,000 Baht per month บาท
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