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We are looking for a proofreader to proofread and edit our books. We pay around 300-500 Baht per book. To check one book, it will take around 1-3 hours and it can be more or less depending on the quality and the length of the books. We don't want you to perfectize the book but at least the book should look okay to English native readers. There will be new books to work on everyday so this could really be a good additional source of income for you.

Job Description:
1.) To proofread and edit our books which basically are how-to books, recipe books, documentary, kid books, fictions and non-ficitons. The books basically have around 10,000-15,000 words - or sometimes but not often, could have upto 20,000 words.
2.) To check and fix plagiarism in the books. We will provide a few tools that you can use to find problematic contents.

1.) Your Grammar should be perfect. You should be quick and great at Reading and Writing in English. Listening and speaking are not really necessary in this job.
2.) Since this is a remote work, you should be an active person and can motivate yourselves.
3.) We require No Degree and Experience. Just be sure that your skills and knowledge can meet our requirements. However, having some experience in the field would definitely be an advantage so in your CV, please show us all you’ve got.
6.) Good at using a computer, MS-Office and the Internet.
7.) Being able to start working immediately is also an advantage.

To submit your application:
1.) Send us your resume along with any information that you think will help you
2.) In your email, please start it with "Aloha!" to confirm that you have gone through all the info until this point. Without "Aloha!", we would simply delete your email.
3.) Please also include the information below in your email:
------Your name and nickname:
------Your address (where you are mainly living in):
------Your age:
------Your previous jobs:
------Reasons why you should be chosen:
------Please also proofread the following sentences as a sample of your work:

Our email is: issara2580 (a) hotmail.com

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Thank you for your time. Hope we will have an opportunity to work together.

300 - 10,000 บาท บาท
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